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If you could change the world, what would you do? Watch these inspirational video profiles of stylists creating change and then create your own.

Stylist Profile: Gina Bertolino After seeing many clients in her salon whose lives were touched by cancer, Gina decided to do what she could to help. So she arranged an annual fashion show - using cancer survivors and other clients as models - to raise money for the Avon Foundation.
Stylist Profile: Joshua Ristaino In his teens, Joshua was adrift - struggling with homelessness and turning to drugs. But with the support of his community, Josh was inspired to get his life and his hairstyling career back on track.
What type of change will you create?
PERSONAL CHANGE: Mind, body, and spirit goals that are just for you.
PROFESSIONAL CHANGE: Enhance your craft with career-focused goals.
SOCIAL CHANGE: Improve the world around you.
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